Kanbann for Android Wear OS is available in the Google Play store here. It is free for use with personal boards, with a small in-app purchase if you want to modify team boards (you can read them for free).

This is what it looks like:

Kanbann brings Trello to your Wear OS Watch. Use it offline or online, whether or not you have your phone nearby (it can work independently of your phone over Wifi or cellular).

  • Create cards within the app or using the Google Assistant
  • Move cards within and between lists
  • Append to a card’s description
  • Comment on a card
  • Create checklists on a card
  • Create new items on a checklist
  • Uncheck and check items on a checklist.

Create Trello cards using your voice on your watch: “Create a note Testing 321 in Kanbann”. In order to use this you’ll need to designate the default list for new cards by navigating to a list, swiping down, and tapping the “Set as default…” button.